Meshugga Beach Party: Jewish Surf Music

Meshuggener (Yiddish): a foolish or crazy person From bagel and chutzpah to shtick, schmuck and yenta, Yiddish has given English many a colorful term over the years. Meshuggener is another example of what happens when English interprets that rich Jewish language. Meshuggener comes from the Yiddish meshugener, which in turn derives from meshuge, an adjective that […]

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Warsaw is Khelm – Golem

David went to Warsaw To see the city lights He walked from his little town of Khelm He gazed up at the buildings That soared above his head Like the birds at home when he laid beneath the elms Helm is Warsaw Warsaw is Khelm Helm is Warsaw Zay Gezunt Warsaw is Khelm Helm is […]

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Bublichki – Golem

First (and probably last) song I will publish in Yiddish… (just because I can’t understand a word of it). Mazeltov! Bublichki, Koyft mayne beygelekh, Heysinke bublichki! Nu, koyft… Es kumt bald on di nakht, Ikh shtey zikh tif fartrakht, Zet, mayn eygelekh Zaynen farshvartst. Der frost indroysn brent, Farfroyrn mayne hent, Fun tsores zing ikh […]

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