By this river – Brian Eno

I came to discover this beautifully sad song by Brian Eno by watching an Italian film, La stanza del figlio ("The son's room"), from director Nanni Moretti, by the way, also a beautifully sad film, downright devastating, about the tragic loss of a son, and his empty room in the house; about coping with loss,... Continuar Lendo →

Jo-El Sonnier: Cajun blood

The True Detective soundtrack has been granting me so many musical delights, an intensive immersion and exploration of new artists and genres within the context of deep Americana. The next in line is Jo-El Sonnier's "Evangeline Special", a folk-country-like, uptempo, joyful song, sung in a language (obviously not English) that sounded at first absolutely incomprehensible... Continuar Lendo →

“I’m going home (to leave my troubles in the graveyard)”: Soundtracks for life (True Detective, Westworld)

Intensive immersion into 2 soundtracks, from 2 TV series, 2 passions: True Detective's and Westworld's. My life of soundtracks began with Truman Show (1998), therefore over 20 years ago. Soundtracks: such a great idea, take, "musical course" (always connected to a plot, a narrative, a story). Westworld's soundtrack only confirms that the direction/production transpose the... Continuar Lendo →

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