Modern Apprentice – Asian Dub Foundation I am a modern apprentice I believe in the life-long learning 'ain't gonna take away this natural yearning To know the truth The truth about the lies you've been giving It's not a state of affairs that that i'm prepared to live in I will find out for myself No i ain't gonna be … Continue lendo Modern Apprentice – Asian Dub Foundation

Cold War – Janelle Monae

My all-time favorite by gorgeous Janelle... So you think that I'm aloneBut being alone is the only way to beWhen you step outsideYou spin like fire for your sanityThis is a cold warYou better know what you're fighting forThis is a cold warDo you know what you're fighting forIf you want to be freeFeet … Continue lendo Cold War – Janelle Monae

O Órgão & o Sintetizador

Poderia escutar 24h de canto gregoriano, mas o órgão de igreja me é um instrumento extremamente indigesto. Se for pra escutar órgão de igreja, sou mais Giorgio Moroder do que Bach. Além do que é dançante. O sintetizador também pode ser "divino"...