Millionaire – Iyeoka

Iyeoka Okoawo (born April 28, 1975) is a Nigerian-American poet, recording artist, singer, activist, educator and TEDGlobal Fellow. Her music includes elements from soul, R&B, rock, hip hop, and jazz. She began her musical career by founding the group The Rock by Funk Tribe, a collective of musicians that enabled her to interweave her poetry with jazz, blues, funk, and gospel. In 2004, … Continue lendo Millionaire – Iyeoka

Cold War – Janelle Monae

My all-time favorite by gorgeous Janelle... So you think that I'm aloneBut being alone is the only way to beWhen you step outsideYou spin like fire for your sanityThis is a cold warYou better know what you're fighting forThis is a cold warDo you know what you're fighting forIf you want to be freeFeet … Continue lendo Cold War – Janelle Monae

Talking ‘bout a Revolution – Tracy Chapman

SOUNTRACKS OF TOMORROW "Talkin' 'bout a Revolution" is the second single from singer-songwriter Tracy Chapman's self-titled debut album. The politically aware song failed to replicate the success of its predecessor, "Fast Car", and peaked at #75 in the United States. However, it also managed to chart on four other charts maintained by Billboard (which brings out the weekly US chart) and … Continue lendo Talking ‘bout a Revolution – Tracy Chapman

Sing – The Dresden Dolls

"Life is no cabaret..." Beautiful song by a beautiful duo I deeply love, The Dresden Dolls. Nothing but a set of drums, piano and voice (Amanda Palmer's, always gorgeous). When it's beautiful and it's good, no other instruments are missed. To listen and sing in dark times, in times of rising global fascism Fascism is … Continue lendo Sing – The Dresden Dolls

Sobre música e pensamento musical: divisas

Longe de mim os que fazem distinção entre cultura (e música) "superior" e "popular"; Antes, estabelecer a divisa entre almas musicais e não-musicais; umas, dançantes e graciosas, outras graves, pesadas, decepcionantes; amar estas e evitar aquelas. E rir de si mesmo, de Deus e do Diabo, do que se é e do que não se … Continue lendo Sobre música e pensamento musical: divisas