Delìrivm Còrdia – Fantômas

This is where it all begins: ground zero and the foundation of this music blog. Delìrivm Còrdia (Ipecac Recordings, 2004) is a musical masterpiece consisting of a lengthy uninterrupted 74-minute-plus track that resembles the soundtrack to a horror/drama motion picture: a splendidly visual, scenic record, rich in textures and soundscapes. As Mike Patton (the... Continuar Lendo →

Post Destacado

Bob (NOFX cover) – Frank Turner He spent fifteen years getting loaded Fifteen years until his liver exploded Now what's Bob gonna do Now that he can't drink? The doctor said, "What'cha been thinking about?" Bob said, "That's the point I wanna think about nothing Now I gotta do something else" To pass the time He had someone shave his head He got a new identity Sixty-two holed air-cushioned... Continuar Lendo →

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